Custom Orthotics

At The Spine Center we offer patients a service that molds a custom orthotic device for your feet.

The difference in a custom orthotic and one from the store is that its made with a cast of your foot. When you come in for an appointment for the orthotic fitting, the staff will make a cast, impression or scan of your non-weight bearing feet and send it to an orthotic lab where exact replicas will be made of your feet.

The replicas are then corrected using our measurements and diagnosis in order to correct the problem you are experiencing. The lab will then use specialized materials to custom design an orthotic for your feet only.

An orthotic is a brace to control the foot while standing or walking. When your foot is out of line it can create stress for the skeletal structures. It has been proven that an unbalanced foot can cause problems as high in the kinetic chain as the cervical vertebrae.

Our labs are accredited by the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories Association and the Prescription Footwear Association.


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