Facet Injections

The Facet Joints are the tiny joints where the back of the spine connects together. They can become damaged by abnormal stress, and/or trauma. When they become damaged they develop inflammation which can then lead to pain.  Extending the spine by looking up or leaning backwards, when inflammation is present,  forces these joints to grind together, causing quite a pinch! Never fear my friends; there maybe relief on the horizon WITHOUT surgery.

Since the inflammation caused by damaged facet joints is the culprit, targeting it can often relieve the symptoms you may be feeling. This is done by injecting a small amount of steroid directly into the irritated joint. It’s all done under x-ray, so don’t worry, we know where we are headed. Over the next few days the steroid will decrease the inflammation, hopefully bringing you some relief.

In getting rid of the inflammation your body gets a chance to actually attempt to heal itself.  We can’t tell you how much your body will heal, but we can certainly give it all the opportunity it needs to try.


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