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Victor had previous back surgery twice by other doctors and last year he was moving to Florida and ended up hurting his back in the move. His primary care doctor in Florida ended up recommending him to Dr. Theofilos to alleviate the back pain he was suffering with. Dr. Theofilos assessed his condition and recommended back injections to relieve his sciatica pain. Victor had immediate results and is back to playing golf and enjoying his new life here in Florida.



Carolyn was struggling with back pain and tried everything to find relief with medication, shots and physical therapy. She is a native New Yorker and moved to Florida full-time a few years ago. She really did not believe a doctor in Florida could help her with her pain. She researched a multitude of doctors online and via recommendations in Florida and found Dr. Theofilos. Dr. Theofilos' conservative approach began with injections at first and based on her condition resulted in back surgery. After surgery, days later she got her life back and was able to stand straight and be pain-free for the first time in two years.



Pam has been a long time patient of Dr. Theofilos from the time she was in a car accident about twenty years ago. She had a compression fracture of her back and over the years her sacrum region has been causing her some discomfort. After a ski trip last year, her sacrum region was very inflamed and painful. Dr. Theofilos recommended stem cell therapy to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Now she can enjoy traveling again, skiing and living an active life free of pain.



Yara has been a patient of Dr. Theofilos for several years. She suffers from extensive neck and pain injuries and was referred to the doctor from her chiropractor who could not help her any longer. Dr. Theofilos followed many conservative treatment options for Yara and she is doing well now. Based on her success, Yara has referred her neighbor.



Judy was not able to walk and struggled with sciatica due to two of her spinal discs that had shifted. After researching doctors, she met with Dr. Theofilos and felt he was the best fit for her spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Theofilos also followed up her surgery with stem cell therapy. Now she can walk and is back to driving. She recommends Dr. Theofilos whole-heartedly as a good and reputable surgeon.



Allen has been a patient with Dr. Theofilos for more than 15 years. Allen suffers from scoliosis and struggles with back pain due to his condition. After undergoing spinal fusion surgery, he felt great and was able to resume his normal activities. Approximately a year ago, Allen fell in a parking lot and ended up fracturing one of his discs. Dr. Theofilos recommended a kyphoplasty procedure which repaired the disc and now Allen's pain-free once again.



Anna together with her children, brother and mother have been patients with Dr. Theofilos for many years. More recently, her mother was struggling with severe low back pain and limited mobility. Her mother underwent surgery with Dr. Theofilos and the day after surgery she has returned to walking and has recovered well.



For many years, Paula had leg pain and underwent many tests by her primary care physician on her hips and legs. She finally found out she had degenerative damage in her spine. She was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Theofilos. At first physical therapy helped, then she had a series of epidural injections which removed the pain completely.

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