Regenerative and Stem Cell Therapy in Florida


The New Frontier in Helping Your Body to Heal

Injury, osteoarthritis or degeneration are common causes of severe neck, back and joint pain. Historically, surgical intervention was the only option to treat these conditions until a new, innovative technique was introduced: Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. An alternative solution to invasive surgery, the therapeutic use of stem cells is now being used worldwide to treat multiple conditions that were once considered to be chronic.

Stem cells have the ability to repair, regenerate and promote healing at the cellular level which can’t be recreated with traditional medications or surgical  procedures. However, a little known problem continues to persist in the actual practice of using stem cells, particularly when it comes to re-growing disc tissue in the spine. The human body will work against itself and create an inhospitable environment where the stem cells have to fight to survive and thrive. Humans are born with both “good” protective enzymes and “bad” enzymes. These “bad” enzymes can destroy cartilage and stem cells already in the blood and spinal disc tissue. As we age, the levels of good enzymes decrease while the bad enzymes increase, destroying cartilage.

Dr. Charles Theofilos of The Spine Center has a unique, multi-step approach to prepare the joint for stem cells before injection, increasing the cells ability to thrive. The following process is done in his office procedure suite:


  • The Spine Center takes a patient’s own blood and spins it in a special centrifuge to isolate large amounts of a specific protective protein. The isolated enzyme is then injected directly into the patient’s spinal disc to neutralize the bad enzymes and prepare for the arriving stem cells.
  • The stem cells harvested from the patient’s hip are then injected into the optimized spinal disc.
  • A specialized mixture of growth factors and proteins that were previously isolated from the patient’s blood is injected, neutralizing the acidity in the body caused by injured joints and discs and improving the regenerative process.

Today, professional athletes and non-athletes alike are using stem cell therapies to treat acute injuries and speed up the healing process. This pioneering regenerative stem cell therapy shows promise in the reduction of pain and improved quality of life without the need for major surgery. To learn more about our multi-step stem cell therapy in Florida, call The Spine Center today at (561) 630-3870. 

* This therapy is considered investigational and studies are currently underway.

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