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Neck with Arm Pain Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Arm pain is a condition that may result from activity, trauma or inactivity. The nerves, muscles, ligaments and other structures may be involved in your condition, so you should be evaluated by board-certified neurosurgeon, Charles S. Theofilos, MD. As the founder of The Spine Center, Dr. Theofilos provides state-of-the-art arm pain treatment for patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and south Florida. His expertise is also sought after by patients around the world.

What Causes Arm Pain?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, compressed nerves, degeneration of the joints and many other circumstances may lead to arm pain. Ailments in the neck and spine may also contribute to arm pain. An examination by Dr. Theofilos, as well as diagnostic tests, help us understand your condition and recommend appropriate treatment.


What are the Benefits of Working with a Neurosurgeon for Arm Pain Treatment?

Neurosurgeons use a conservative approach to pain management. By understanding the various anatomical structures of the human body, Dr. Theofilos is able to pinpoint the cause of your arm pain and recommend safe and effective treatments. His progressive approach to resolving your symptoms minimizes the likelihood of developing complications in the future.

What are My Options for Arm Pain Treatment?

Arm pain that is associated with neck injuries is often caused by a combination of problems in the affected area. The muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments are designed to work a specific way, and damage to one of these structures eventually changes the dynamics of movement. Dr. Theofilos may recommend injections and physical therapy to determine if strengthening the area and reducing inflammation will give your body time to heal. If you continue to have issues, he will recommend the next step in a conservative progression.

What Happens During a Consultation for Arm Pain Treatment?

Your consultation will include one-on-one time with Dr. Theofilos. He assesses your situation via physical examination, movement evaluation and symptom review. He may also review or order diagnostic testing. Based on his findings, he explains a treatment approach, beginning with the most conservative option, such as rest, physical therapy and injections.

After you meet with Dr. Theofilos, we use the treatment plan to determine your cost and insurance coverage. For your convenience, we offer financing through LendingUSA®.

The best patient outcomes are achieved by using a progressive approach to neck with arm pain treatment. Board-certified neurosurgeon, Charles S. Theofilos, MD, is respected nationally and internationally for providing patients with state-of-the-art treatments that often alleviate the need for surgery. He is the founder of The Spine Center, an advanced neurosurgery practice serving patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and south Florida, as well as countries around the world. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation or complimentary MRI review with Dr. Theofilos.