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Disc Pain in West Palm Beach, FL

Spinal discs serve important roles in the human body. These structures hold the vertebrae together, allow spinal mobility and absorb shock. Injury and degenerative conditions may cause disc pain that impedes your ability to perform routine tasks and may even leave you unable to move. Charles S. Theofilos, MD, is an internationally recognized neurosurgeon who provides joint pain treatment to patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and south Florida. His reputation for superb care also attracts patients from around the world.

What Causes Disc Pain?

Your disc pain may be caused by a degenerative condition or damage to the disc. Degenerative or traumatic conditions tend to cause pain in other areas of the body and typically develops with age. Damage to a disc may result in the tissue leaking out and causing inflammation that affects the nerve root.

What is a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc typically develops in the lower back region. The disc itself is weak and unable to maintain a natural, cylindrical shape. This allows a section of the disc to jut outwards. Patients with bulging discs may not have symptoms until later in life and is associated with disc degeneration.

What Causes Facet Pain?

Each vertebra is coupled with smaller joints that lie behind and between the vertebrae. Known as “facet joints,” these bony structures allow the spine to bend without twisting. Aging and injury may damage the facet joints and cause pain, typically in the lower back or neck. You may notice pain on one or both sides of the spine, and some patients also radiating leg pain as a result of facet joint damage.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Spinal discs are covered with a membrane that is susceptible to tears. When this occurs, the condition is known as an annual tear. The material inside the disc seeps out into surrounding tissues and causes inflammation which may place pressure on the nerves which is termed as a “herniated disc.”

What is a Slipped Disc (Slip Disc)?

The vertebrae of your spine are comprised of a soft inner section and an outer circular covering. A slipped disc occurs when the soft tissue inside of the disc extends beyond the outer ring. Symptoms of a slipped disc vary, based on where in the spine the condition occurs. You may develop symptoms that affect a single limb or the entire side of your body. This is another term for herniated disc.

What are My Options for Disc Pain Treatment?

Dr. Theofilos begins disc pain treatment with physical therapy and epidural injections. If the symptoms do not resolve, he may recommend more advanced treatments.

What Happens During a Consultation for Disc Pain Treatment?

Disc pain may involve the discs and other structures in your spine, so a comprehensive evaluation is necessary to determine the best treatment approach. Dr. Theofilos spends time evaluating your symptoms and performing a physical examination. He explains your disc pain treatment options, including the anticipated outcomes.

After the consultation, we review the associated costs, including any insurance coverage. For your convenience, The Spine Center offers financing through LendingUSA®.

The discs of your spine allow you to move without limitations, but these small cushions are vulnerable to degeneration and injury. World-class neurosurgeon, Charles S. Theofilos, MD, is respected among his patients and peers for his conservative approach to disc pain treatment. His expertise is valued by men and women in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, south Florida and locations around the world. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation or complimentary MRI review with Dr. Theofilos of The Spine Center.