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Laser Therapy for Pain Relief in West Palm Beach, FL

Laser therapy offers a powerful new solution for numerous painful conditions. World-renowned neurosurgeon and founder of The Spine Center, Charles S. Theofilos, MD, offers laser therapy for pain relief because it is a highly effective alternative to traditional therapies. Patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and other areas in Florida, as well as international patients, rely on the expertise of Dr. Theofilos for state-of-the-art laser therapy for pain relief.

What is Laser Therapy for Pain?

Laser Therapy for Pain Relief in West Palm Beach, FLLaser therapy for pain relief is a safe, painless treatment that only takes a few minutes per visit. This type of therapy does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are few side effects or risks if no contraindications exist.

At The Spine Center, we utilize the most powerful available 60-watt laser therapy, which uses penetrating laser light energy to reach damaged cells and tissues. High power laser therapy can provide relief of minor pain, stiffness and muscle spasm, and temporarily increases local blood circulation. Research shows tissues targeted by high power laser therapy are stimulated to increase the production of greater cellular energy which helps to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and scar tissue, increase cell metabolism, improve vascular activity, and accelerate healing. Over several sessions, laser therapy has been known to reduce or eliminate the inflammation causing your pain.

What Should I Expect from Laser Therapy for Pain?

Laser therapy treatments are administered in 10 or 15-minute sessions. With an acutely painful condition such as an injury, the patient will typically see results after 1 to 3 treatment sessions. A custom treatment protocol is determined for chronic painful conditions. Despite fast treatment times, laser therapy treatments initiate a healing process that continues to actively reduce inflammation for up 24 hours after treatment.

What are the Clinical Benefits of Laser Therapy?

  1. Anti-Inflammation: Laser therapy can reduce swelling by increasing the blood supply to the area and activating the lymphatic drainage system (drains swollen areas). As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or inflammation.
  2. Pain Reduction (Analgesic): Laser therapy decreases nerve sensitivity. Also, due to decreased inflammation, there is less swelling and less pain.
  3. Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth: Photons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. The laser light increases the energy available to the cell, allowing the cell to take on nutrients faster and get rid of waste products quicker.
  4. Improved Vascular Activity: Laser light may significantly increase the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue which speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quickly and reduces scar tissue.
  5. Increased Metabolic Activity: Laser therapy creates higher outputs of specific enzymes, greater oxygen and food particle loads for blood cells.
  6. Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points: Laser therapy stimulates muscle trigger points and acupuncture points, thereby providing musculoskeletal pain relief.
  7. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation: Laser therapy reduces the formation of scar tissue following damage from cuts, scratches, burns or surgery.
  8. Improved Nerve Function: Laser light helps speed up the process of nerve regeneration and increase the signal to the nerves for quicker restoration of symptoms such as weakness, numbness or tingling.
  9. Immunoregulation: Laser light enhances your immune system for quicker and better healing.
  10. Faster Wound Healing: Laser light stimulates post-operative recovery after surgery.

Neurosurgeon and founder of The Spine Center, Charles S. Theofilos, MD, is respected by his patients and peers for providing the most advanced spinal and surgical treatments, such as laser therapy for pain relief. At his boutique practice, he provides concierge services for surgical, non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments for men and women in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and other areas in Florida, as well as patients from around the world. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or complimentary MRI review with Dr. Theofilos.