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Medial Branch Block in West Palm Beach, FL

Charles S. Theofilos, MD, is known around the world for his innovative conservative treatments for spinal conditions. Medial branch block is just one of the treatments that he offers to patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, and throughout South Florida.

What is a Medial Branch Block?

Lower back pain and neck pain may be caused by inflammation of the facet joints, which are small joints at every spinal level that control extension and rotation of the spine. In instances of lower back pain, the discomfort spreads across the lower back and extends down into the buttocks. Neck pain is another instance in which the facet joints may cause discomfort. You may experience general aching coupled with a pain that extends across the neck and into the shoulders. The pain tends to worsen when you lift your head or turn it to the side. Because these types of back and neck pain can originate from several different sources, Dr. Theofilos may recommend a medial branch block to ensure that the facet joints are the source of the pain.

What are the Benefits of a Medial Branch Block?

A medial branch block is a diagnostic approach that Dr. Theofilos uses to determine if the facet joints are causing your symptoms. Patients should make sure the facet joints are the source of the pain before undergoing any definitive treatment. Once this has been verified, he recommends the most appropriate treatment option.

What Should I Expect from a Medial Branch Block?

The medial branch block involves injections of an aesthetic that work on the pain fibers of the facet joints. The effects of the medicine may last up to a few hours, but no longer than two or three days. During this time, you should perform your normal activities and note any discomfort. Please keep a log of any improvement in pain after the injection. You will want to perform the activities that have caused you pain in the past to ensure that the injections have helped.

For the procedure, you lay face down on a treatment table, and Dr. Theofilos makes several injections around the pain fibers of the facet joint, under direct x-ray guidance. IV sedation is offered for comfort.

What Happens During a Consultation for a Medial Branch Block in West Palm Beach, FL?

Diagnosing back and neck pain can take some time, but Dr. Theofilos wants to ensure that the source of your pain is properly located and treated. He performs a comprehensive examination during the consultation and asks about your symptoms. You should be prepared to discuss the nature of your pain and any movements that increase or decrease the discomfort. He may recommend the medial branch block and other tests as part of this process.

Lower back pain and neck pain can originate from several areas of the spine. Accurately identifying the source of your discomfort is paramount to effective treatment. As an internationally renowned neurosurgeon, Charles S. Theofilos, MD, specializes in advanced diagnostic testing, such as medial branch blocks, for patients in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and countries around the world. Contact The Spine Center today to schedule a personal consultation or complimentary MRI review with Dr. Theofilos.